Sustainability and ESG Considerations

As an organization, Ascot Corp. positions "coexistence and harmony with people, society and the natural environment" as our core purpose.
Through various activities and endeavors rooted in this purpose, we strive for company growth while contributing toward the realization of social and environmental sustainability.


Focus Areas

Increasing Numbers of Sustainable Development Projects

  • Systematic and planned development of properties that are compliant with Net Zero Energy House Mansion (ZEH-M) certification, Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Green Building Certification, etc.
  • Upcycling of building materials used in development projects (including timber from thinning, sample tile materials, etc.)
  • Proactive incorporation of LED lighting, water-saving toilets and faucets, etc.

Increasing Sustainability-focused Business Transactions

  • Strengthening of collaborations with business partners who comply with Ascot's Sustainability Policy
  • Promotion of sustainability-related education at business- partner organizations

Green Financing Deliberations and Introduction

  • Deliberation on and introduction of sustainability -linked loans, green loans, small loans, etc.


Focus Areas

Sustained Provision of High-quality Properties

  • Continual earning of Good Design Awards
  • Contributions, through normalization in housing development efforts, to the realization of a harmonious society wherein all members can enjoy happy and comfortable lifestyles, regardless of ability, age and any other factor.

Contributions to Local Regions and Society

  • Contributions to local environments and regional societies through development operations
  • Consideration of end-user diversity

Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

  • Revisions to personnel evaluation and remuneration systems
  • Promotion of expanded roles for women, greater diversity, etc.
  • Creation of more comfortable and accommodating workplace environments through work-at-home systems and other improvements


Focus Areas

Strengthening of Internal Controls

  • Strengthening of Board of Director functions
  • Creation of compliance, risk management and information security management frameworks (committee establishments, regulation revisions and widespread dissemination of framework utilization)
  • Framework creation for purposes of sustainable management

Improved Disclosure via Webpages and Other Means

  • Expanded disclosure of non-financial information (new sustainability webpage launch and other efforts)
  • Increased disclosure in English and Chinese

Guaranteed Business Administration Transparency Through Digital Transformation (DX) Measures

  • Central management of and increased visual representation of in-house data
  • Cost reductions through operational efficiency improvements