Property Value-adding

We carry out whole-building renovation projects that breathe new life into existing properties with the goal of meeting modern-day needs.
This does not mean updating just the exterior design, nor does it entail overhauling the entire structure inside and out. Rather, we revitalize the core elements and sections of each property which represent its true essence in an effort to bring out the full potential of the building in question. Through this approach, we are able to bolster profitability in effective manner.


For property value-adding, we identify the value of a property, make a re-investment, and effectively refurbish/renovate the property. By adding ‘high level of design quality’, ‘living comfort’ and ‘functionality’ which we fostered in property development business, we create the originality and new value.


Short-term: Corrective Case

Short-term: Corrective Case

Ascot Corp. purchases underperforming real estates and quickly determines the appropriate additional investment and implements problem- solving measures as the owner. We revitalize the property to a highquality real estate and pass it on to a new owner.


Mid-term: Extensive Case
〈compound operations including revitalization+ rental / leasing+development〉

Mid-term: Extensive Case〈compound operations including revitalization+ rental / leasing+development〉

Target properties are those that not only face usage and application difficulties, but also old with limited remaining service life, making it unsuitable for use as a long-term real estate investment. After we resolve existing issues and revitalize the property as a usable real estate, we can then use it to operate a mid-term rental business. We then demolish the building when it is no longer usable and develop a new building. By doing this, we revitalize the property as real estate appropriate for long-term investment into the future and pass it on to a new owner.

Project Cases

R.core Harajuku

R.core Asakusabashi