Logistics Facility Development

Since our founding in 1999, Ascot Corp. has cultivated design* and high-quality property development capabilities for more than two decades. By leveraging these along with our strong business networks, we entered the field of logistics facility development in 2021.
Moving forward, we will position endeavors in this field as a major pillar of our new growth strategy.

*Ascot Corp. has won the Good Design Award for 7 consecutive years and a total of 21 awards since 2016.

  • A


    Taking on a challenge to
    develop advanced /
    innovative logistics

  • P


    Creating logistics facilities
    that serve as strategic
    points for major cities

  • L


    Contributing to promoting a
    link between producers
    and consumers

  • S


    Contribute to the evolution
    of sustainable society

Contribution to society by promoting sustainability management

Small to medium-sized logistics bases, which play a role in the “last one mile *1” of logistics operators, serve as a hub for large suburban logistics facilities. With a mechanism and design that matches local characteristics, each of the facilities will further contribute to a better quality of life and economic growth in its local area. By establishing a logistics facility in a location close to residential area, it will reduce the logistics lead time and CO2 emissions, thus contributing to environmental conservation. A logistics facility also creates jobs in the neighborhood, and contributes to solving the issue of insufficient employment.

Furthermore, by serving as a transit point to/from large suburban logistics facilities, it will improve the working environment for drivers. This way, we consider such logistics facilities can contribute to the society from various angles. Taking advantage of technical/design skills acquired through apartment development for more than 20 years since Ascot was founded, we will develop advanced logistics facilities that are compatible with residential areas and urban areas.

*1. The last zone to deliver goods and services from the last logistics base to end-users

The rapid rise of e-commerce has led to dramatic growth in demand for home delivery services. As a result, logistics service providers face the urgent task of strengthening their distribution networks, particularly for daily living and residential areas over the "last mile," or final leg, of the delivery journey. Moreover, warehouses built mostly in the 1970s are aging and deteriorating, leading to widespread demand for warehouse rebuilding. With a strong focus on the user perspective, Ascot engages in logistics facility development in and around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai and other major urban areas to help with last-mile services.

  • Greater Tokyo Area

    Roughly 50-kilometer (31-mile) radius outward from central Tokyo (within the Ken-OExpressway loop)

  • Kansai Area

    Roughly 30-kilometer (19-mile) radius outward from central Osaka City (including inland and seacoast areas)

  • Chubu Area

    Roughly 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius outward from central Nagoya City (including inland and seacoast areas)

  • Kyushu Area

    Hakozaki Wharf, Fukuoka Airport and the Tosu area

We create Ascot Prime Logistics ("Apls") facilities by calling upon our experience in interior design fostered through apartment- building development. These cutting-edge facilities are developed to blend in seamlessly with their surrounding residential districts and urban areas.
Local geographical features, history and culture are carefully considered and integrated into each design's very essence to make it a building whose employees and nearby residents can enjoy and even take pride in.

Case 1

Ascot Prime Logistics Kazo

Since ancient times, Tone River Basin's Kazo region has enjoyed the blessings of abundant natural water resources, using these to develop wide-reaching pastoral lands. Inspired by koinobori decorative carp streamers, which are a well-known traditional product of Kazo City, we designed Ascot Prime Logistics Kazo's exterior with white and light-gray shadowing effects reminiscent of the carp streamers reaching high into the sky above the shimmering, gently sparkling river water below.

Facility Information

2 Dote, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture
Approx. 4 km (2.5 mi.) from the Kazo IC on the Tohoku Expressway; approx. 15 min. on foot from Kazo Station on the
Tobu Isesaki Line
Completion Date
August 2023
Construction and Size
Steel construction, 3 stories (aboveground)
Lot Area
5,035.29 m2 / 54,199.41 sq. ft.
Total Floor
8,782.98 m2 / 94,539.21 sq. ft.

(Information current as of August 2023)