Rental Apartment Development

To add new value to rental apartments, we offer urban-type residences with full of ideas that inspire residents to ‘enjoy their lives and discover something’. We propose residential space that creates ‘uplifting lifestyle’ by adding a nice touch to life, while valuing its connection to the town.


  • 01

    Added extra charm through dedicate ingenuity, based on a carefully prepared plan with free- flowing ideas

  • 02

    Residence that gives a sense of status in living, pursuing the ’quality’ of the space composed of functionality and design

  • 03

    Properties with high asset value on selected locations

  • 04

    Highly profitable properties achieving both running cost saving and market-beating rent by design and planning

3 Product Lines by Scale

Mid-rise scale


Price rangeMore than 1 billion yen

Small~Medium scale


Price range500 million yen or more

Small scale


Price range500 million yen or less

Concept Residence for Diverse Lifestyle

Small~Medium scale

ASTILE studio

‘Apartment with a soundproof room’ that allows for various indoor activities and enriches the “time spent at home”

Small scale


Reorganized the space based on animal-specific ecology and characteristics. ‘Pet-friendly apartment’ aiming at creating a ‘truly’ stress-free living environment for both residents and pets

Small scale


A living space comfortable for everyone, designed with the ‘normalization’ principle that goes a step beyond the concept of barrier-free design to address the diversity of users


  • ASTILE Sendagaya

  • ASTILE Sangenjaya

  • FARE Sangenjaya III

  • TIPETTO Megurofudomae




Desirable location – within a 10-minute walk from popular major stations in the heart of Tokyo

We consider that transportation convenience is the most important factor, and focus on “close to station” properties, which are rather scarce. In the heart of Tokyo, since monthly fee for a parking space is as expensive as house rent and many people do not own cars, trains are the main means of transportation. Accordingly, the distance from a station to the apartment is highly important for residents.



Favorable size / specification for investment

We mainly develop small to medium-sized properties, which may be easy for individual investors to consider investments and ensure a high-level of liquidity among investors. By pursuing appropriate specifications without excessive equipment while ensuring the quality, we reduce the burden of running costs and repair costs.



Sophisticated planning / design

We have been pursuing high designability for all properties we have developed. From the concept development phase, we capture unique features of the land and its history, and create properties with the belief that “Space enriches people's lives”. In recognition of such initiatives, Ascot Corp. has won the Good Design Award for 7 consecutive years and a total of 21 awards since 2016.



Development with a focus on reinforced concrete (RC) construction

RC construction refers to the structure where floors, walls, pillars, and beams are made of reinforcing steel and concrete, and it excels in fire- resistant, quake-resistant, and noise barrier performance. The legal durable years, which is one of asset value indicators, is 47 years. Since the depreciation period is rather long, it is an asset that is unlikely to decline in value.



One-stop service

We take care of the process from land purchase to product planning and construction management by ourselves. After the purchase, to ensure peace of mind through continuous rental property management, we work closely with our group company, Ascot Asset Consulting, and provide services tailored to the perspectives of both residents and owners.