About Us

From left: Representative Director & Chairman Yiwen Luo, President & CEO Takeshi Nakabayashi

Ascot is aiming to provide high-quality real estate and real estate related services to customers by flexibly adapting to changes in global lifestyles. Bearing in mind environmental and societal issues, we want to implement corporate activities that will provide true value to our society.
We will continue to take on challenges to grow as a leading company in the industry.

Yiwen Luo, Representative Director & Chairman

Since its foundation, Ascot have been growing by focusing on the development of well-designed residences. Based on the belief that “Space enriches people's lives” we are currently working on ‘expanding the range of asset types’ including office buildings, logistics facilities. Moreover, in addition to maintaining our traditional real estate development model, we have also started to diversify our business model, such as through establishing a fund/asset management business and a value-up business for customers in the Asian region.
Furthermore, under a key concept as ’International x Finance x DX’, we intend to expand our customer base and business domain, and also improve capital efficiency and visibility in our corporate management. In the area of digital transformation (DX), Ascot was granted the national DX Certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) on July1, 2022.
We will quickly and accurately capture new trends of the industry, and as professionals that create value in real estate, aim to reach the next level of development while continuing to cherish the venture spirit that we have valued since Ascot’s foundation in 1999.

Takeshi Nakabayashi, President & CEO

  • We enrich people’s lives and society through creating value in real estate.
  • When working to create value in real estate, we always consider co-existence with the environment.
  • Aiming for a sustainable society, we strive to realize harmony among people, society, and the environment.
  • We will create new value by discovering hidden real estate opportunities and connecting potential needs through innovation that is based on an understanding of social change.
  • We will build a value chain for a wide range of customers through delivering a diverse variety of properties and services in the optimum way.
  • By gathering expert individuals, we aim to be a company that consists of real estate professionals.

Comfortable and relaxing spaces. Memorable city landscapes.
There are spaces that have the magical power to energize people.
While pursuing such spaces, we have learned the significance of our jobs from the light of every window of the buildings we have created.

This has encouraged us so many times.
A space created for sheltering people from wind and rain, has tremendous power that can change the quality of life. When looking around cities, we find so many locations, which can only reach their potential, if we have a good idea.

Every piece of land and every building
play their own unique role in contributing to society. Buildings and spaces can empower people.
Space enriches people's lives
This is Ascot’s belief.

Our Values Innovation and challenge / Customer-centric / Contributing to society
Guiding Principles Think properly / Carry through / Collaborate