Real Estate Fund Management

Established in 2021, Real Estate Fund Department is our new business division, which takes advantage of our experience in development business since Ascot was founded in 1999, as well as its domestic and international networks. As one of the key pillars of our mid-term growth strategy, the Division will form joint investment funds with investors in Japan and abroad, form new private placement funds, and enter the REIT and other businesses.

Fund Formation

  • Developing fund concept and investment strategy
  • Selecting an investment scheme
  • Establishing governance structure
  • Equity financing
  • Preparing documentation
  • Closing

Fund Management / Value Enhancement

  • Developing fund management plan
  • Formulating exit strategy
  • Portfolio management
  • Accounting / tax / SPC management
  • Regular management reporting

Property Acquisition

  • Market research
  • Deal sourcing
  • Selecting / Establishing investment structure
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation with sellers over pricing, etc.
  • Financing arrangement
  • Preparing documentation
  • Closing

Property Management

  • Formulating business plan for property
  • Formulating value enhancement plan
  • Tenant leasing
  • Dealing with trust banks
  • Liability management / dealing with lenders
  • Accounting / Cash management
  • Refinancing
  • Sale of property

In addition to residentials and offices in which we have competitive advantages, we look at a wide range of properties include logistics, hotel, senior living, student housing, retail, and data centers, and consider the participation from the development phase.

  • Residential

  • Logistics

  • Office

  • Hotel

  • Senior Living

  • Student Housing

  • Retail

  • Data Center