Site Policy

Please refer to the following regarding copyright handling, recommended operating environment, and handling of personal information when using the site.


  • Regarding individual sentences, graphics, designs, trademarks, logo marks, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “website data, etc.”) posted on the website of Ascott Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) and our website Copyrights and other rights are owned by the Company, the original authors, or other rights holders.
    Reproduction, transmission, distribution, or modification of website data, etc., without the permission of the Company, the original author, or other rights holders, except when printing or saving for personal use, or when permitted by copyright law. , etc. is a violation of copyright law, so please contact us in advance and obtain permission. However, please note that we may refuse to use it.
  • When using website data, etc. according to the above, please do not change or delete the copyright notice.
  • Our company does not make any guarantees regarding the contents of website data, etc., or links to our website. Even in the unlikely event that some kind of damage occurs due to the use of data, etc. on our website, we will not be held responsible.
  • Please note that our company does not guarantee the contents of the linked website when linking from our website.
  • Please note that the content, configuration, etc. of website data may be changed or discontinued without prior notice.

Recommended environment

Recommended web browser

Windows 10 or above

  • ・Edge latest version
  • ・Chrome latest version
  • ・Firefox latest version

Mac latest version

  • ・Chrome latest version
  • ・Firefox latest version
  • ・Safari latest version

Standard browser latest version

  • ・Safari latest version

Android OS
Standard browser latest version

  • ・Chrome latest version

Handling of personal information

  • On our website, when we acquire personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. We will do so within the necessary scope after indicating the destination and the point of contact for inquiries.
  • Personal information obtained from customers will be managed appropriately to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, or theft, and will be used only within the scope of the purpose of use.
  • We will not provide or disclose personal information obtained from customers to third parties other than those specified to customers in advance. In addition, we will thoroughly manage personal information appropriately for the recipient.
  • Use the acquired personal information for business related to products and services handled by our company or our affiliated companies, or provide information on these products and services to customers based on the personal information. We may do so. If the customer does not wish to use or provide information in this way, we will cancel the request by contacting the contact listed on the page where the customer registered his or her personal information.
  • Customers can confirm, correct, or delete their own personal information registered by contacting the contact listed on the page where the customer registered their personal information.