Condominium Development

Condominium to enjoy urban life, mainly in the highly convenient center of Tokyo. We capture the location-specific context, give ‘distinctive characters’ for each building, and offer a rich living space that embraces residents and will not fade in color over time.


  • 01

    Detailed planning and customization pursuing user-friendliness "Semi-order Point System“

  • 02

    Creative common space like an art piece

  • 03

    Specifications taking into account advance security and disaster prevention safety

  • 04

    Considered flexible plans to address future changes in family composition and lifestyles, as well as asset value

Mid-rise / Family


The original ASCOT series Condominium which interweaves a story and culture

Small~Medium scale/1~2 persons


A jewel of comfort Compact but comfortable condominium

We obtain Housing Performance Evaluation Reports (related to design and construction) for every one of our condominiums, and carry out open and transparent disclosure regarding construction progress and other relevant details.
Furthermore, we listen carefully to customer feedback and concerns while continually striving to improve quality further.