Quality Management System

We obtain Housing Performance Evaluation Reports(related to design and construction) for every one of our condominiums, and carry out open and transparent disclosure regarding construction progress and other relevant details. Furthermore, we listen carefully to customer feedback and concerns while continually striving to improve quality further.

Design and Construction Quality Management System

In compliance with the "Housing Performance Indicators" stipulated in the Housing Quality Assurance Act, design firms and licensed first-class architects employed by Ascot Corp. perform checks to ensure that no quality problems are found in any of the Housing Performance Indicators. For all condominiums which we supply to customers, we carry out checks regarding safety, security and crime prevention based on our proprietary "Quality Steps" system, and make it a self-imposed requirement to obtain Housing Design Performance Evaluation Reports and Housing Construction Performance Evaluation Reports from third-party housing performance evaluation institutions stipulated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

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    Quality Management System Feature 1

    Open and Transparent Disclosure Regarding Construction Progress During the Construction and Installation Phase

    Even during the construction and installation phase, we have quality management staff including first-class construction management engineers, first- and secondclass architects, and others conduct stringent quality checks. We also mail informational materials to the customer's home address and otherwise carry out open, transparent information disclosure.

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    Quality Management System Feature 2

    Quality Steps

    We carry out rigorous self-checks based on our proprietary Quality Steps system as a means of ensuring safety and preventing crimes. For items that do not require checks according to the Housing Performance Indicator Standards, we conduct the necessary checks based on a system of high-level, in-house standards which are established to ensure consistent quality for all properties.

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    Quality Management System Feature 3

    Taking Consideration of Factors That Cannot Be Quantified Numerically

    We administer detailed questionnaires among customers at various stages of the home purchasing process—from the pre-purchase phase to the post-purchase period after the customer has moved in to their new property—and share information acquired therein at meetings scheduled on an as-needed basis. We utilize this information in real time for ongoing cases and negotiations, and also hold meetings to consult with residents and pursue other ways of directly obtaining feedback from them as part of efforts to boost quality further.